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- GR10 and others trails -

The GR10, it is this marked out path of red and white that crosses Pyrenees throughout the chain. If it is in 1947 when the FFRP (which will take this name a little later) opens the first GR, it is between 1960 and 1975 that will be created by sections, and by passionate persons of every regions, +/-850 km of paths connecting Hendaye with Banyuls. At the beginning, the idea  was " to join the sea to the ocean ", " to put the mountain within the reach of everybody ". 

Successful bet: today maintained both by some 6000 volunteers and discreet unknown persons, the GR10 is mostly known and acclaimed. Either crossed in one breath (approximately 2 months), or cut according to its availability and\or to its physical shape, the GR allows the discovery of Pyrenees and its climatic, geographical and cultural varieties. It doesn't much matter that you follow literally the tagging or that you decide to take a variant, a GR of country, the HRP or your own idea.  Sure you will meet... The most beautiful will be yours. (Possibly ours? Finally you can always come to see if it's true.)

No need to be a big walker (...) A good physical condition and the capacity to take care are enough. For the preparation and the organization, Web abounds in experiences and in advices, the bookshops of topos and in books which give envy. You will find here some safety regulations. But never leave alone. And as your waste is lighter when empty than full... Take them back home...

Some sites : Balades dans les Pyrénées - GR infos - Claude Cabal's site - The World of Pyrénées

Discovering the Pyrenees by Steve Cracknell, in english please.

The HRP ( High Pyrenean Hike) it is always through Pyrenees Mountains, the same departure, the same arrival and then it is everything. It is not any more enough to be in good physical condition, it is also necessary to have the right state of mind and the technical knowledge. Following George Véron experiment and his topo-guide, there are specialists to speak about it:

The spirit of Pyrénéisme - Nathalie - Le HRP peinard tranquille - HRP light.